« JAZZbeer, a refreshing idea »

Original concept marketing 

J&B Distribution is distributing the JAZZbeer®  brand on the Belgian and international markets. J&B Distribution supports the jazz patrimony and the new jazz tendencies.

​The company also valorises her selling points as Jazz clubs, music festivals, cultural centres… as a showroom for composers and musicians. The company also promotes and supports concerts and tours. The company J&B Distribution also participates in the production, the promotion and the distribution of CDs. Talent scouting is part of the business and also working together with the professionalsin the music sector as recording studios, distributors, media, cultural centres, jazz clubs…

 JAZZbeer® also supports promotion and distribution in other countries. The company became a partner in European Jazz events as the Django d’Or and in the only Belgian jazz magazine JAZZAROUND. These actions of enterprising maecenatism are still being extended and developed by the company.

JAZZbeer… The Good Note…!